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If you happen to be a fan of Pixar movies, then you already realize that there is typically a twist that can leave you in tears. In fact, some of those movies will get you crying before the film even gets revved up.

Although this is true of almost any Pixar movie, the movie Up is particularly dark. Although there are some points to smile at in the movie, there have been many who have cried from the beginning till the end.

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As if the movie weren’t depressing enough, some Up fans seem to be talking about the journey that Carl takes to Paradise Falls as being a transition into the afterlife.

It was an interesting twist on the movie, but when it landed on Reddit in 2020, it went viral quickly. If you follow the thread, you will see that they feel Carl actually died shortly after his wife.

Photo: flickr/Josh Hallett

At the beginning of the film, you are looking at events that take place in the real world. As you watch his home float away with thousands of balloons over top of him, Carl has already died and is headed for “Paradise Falls.” The fans are saying that it is actually his trip to heaven.

Russell is also said to be an angel that helps Carl in his journey. In fact, he even makes the statement: “Well, I got to help you cross something!” He even earns his wings when doing so, which happened to be his Wilderness Explorer Badge.

Photo: flickr/jdxyw

Some fans of Up may consider this to be the most depressing movie ever put out by Pixar. With this little twist, however, it may just put a spin on it that makes it a little more bearable to watch.

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