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There are certain fruits that always make it to the top of our grocery shopping lists. Strawberries and pineapples are definitely chief among them. You have probably heard the old saying about fruit serving as nature’s candy and these two are among the most popular in that regard. As you might have guessed, they are our absolute favorites. Now, you’ll have the chance to enjoy them as one.

There is a fruit that combines the two of them, and no, it is not a figment of our imagination. It is real and it is absolutely wonderful. They look like someone tried to reverse engineer a strawberry. Instead of coming in their usual red color, the pineberry is actually white.

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Here we have a "Pineberry"! This beauty is commonly grown in Chile and looks like a white Strawberry. Though it's a berry the flavor has dominant pineapple notes. Interesting find at @foodhallindia #strawberry #whitestrawberry #berry #berries🍓 #wildberries #berrylove #berrylover #exoticfruit #strawberrysandcream #pineberry

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They do not taste like strawberries, either. In fact, they actually taste like a pineapple. Of course, there are some skeptics who are probably shaking their heads. “Those fruits have to be genetically modified. There’s no way that these could occur naturally in the wild,” they’ll say. In reality, there is zero modification being done when it comes to these fruits.

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It's the time of the year for #pineberry @crane_patisserie #pinacolada #desserts just got upgrade @hampshirelifemagazine @hampshire_fare @surreyrestaurantreviews @craftguildofchefs

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They are actually the product of crossbreeding. The North American strawberry is crossbred with the wild South American strawberry to create pineberries. The wild South American strawberry is typically found in Chile, where they tend to be plentiful.

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We’ve taken Pineberries and Bubbleberries to the next level – we’ve managed to get them plastic free! . #PlasticFree #NoPlastic #Pineberries #Pineberry #Bubbleberries #Bubbleberry #SoftFruit #Berries . #Hoole #Chester

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These berries are only available during a fairly small window each year, during late spring and summer.

While these berries are not widely available at the moment, we have a gut feeling that is going to change at some point. Be sure to keep your eyes open when you head to the grocery store during the months of May and June.

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