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For those who love bright colors, sweet flavors, and unique cake ideas this one’s for you. At the Flour Shop in NYC, their signature cake has been making waves. The cakes aren’t cheap at $150, but they also do things no other cake can do: they explode. The cakes are made with layers of rainbow goodness and then are filled in the middle with sprinkles, gum balls, or other small treats, and then sealed up. The result is a cake that when you cut into it a mountain of tiny confections comes pouring out of the cake!

Via/ YouTube

The creator of the concept is Amirah Kassem (seen above) who has also created a unicorn cake explosion cake, a “bagel and lox” cake, and a cookie “cake” that looks like pizza. However, the most famous of her cakes are definitely the exploding ones!

Via/ YouTube

The concept has proved so popular that she has recently partnered with Williams Sonoma on a DIY exploding rainbow cake mix kit. At $60 this is a lot cheaper than the Flour Shop bakery cakes. Once you see the cakes then cost is more understandable – they contain probably $20 worth (or more) of “fillings” each!

Have a look at these phenomenal cakes and how to make them in the video below.

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