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The idea of having multiple family members working at the same place might be foreign to you but this story is here to change all of your perceptions.

For this family, the sky is really the limit and this is not a mere cliché. Skylar Horanyi, 26, is a TikTok user based in Utah that is looking to share their experiences as part of a family that all works for the same airline.

Photo: TikTok/@thepilotsdaughter

Her mother is a flight attendant for United Airlines and her father and brothers work as pilots.

She is the only one in her immediate family who does not work for United.

Photo: @thepilotsdaughter

That does not stop her from enjoying all of the advantages that are extended to the family members of airline employees. She gets upgrades to first class, free trips, and access to the airport lounge.

“Since we don’t pay for flights we don’t have confirmed seats and we only get on the flight if there are open seats available,” she explains in a video.

Photo: @thepilotsdaughter

This makes a lot of sense and answers questions that we have always had.

She has to travel on standby. Skylar does not get to simply walk into an airport and hop onto a plane any time that she feels like it.


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“We checked the seat map and saw a few seats available so we decided to take a chance and try for the flight,” she shared in a recent video. She and her boyfriend were looking to head from Salt Lake City to Denver.

Skylar readily admitted that she had “absolutely no idea if we would make it on the flight or not.” That’s living on the edge!


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We always thought that people who are related to pilots walked in and got on a plane but we guess that we were wrong about that. In this instance, they were able to board in the exit row and “even got to sit next to each other.”

All is well that ends well, right?

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