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We are going to go out on a huge limb here and say that no one actually likes to find pests inside of their home. It’s one of the most annoying things that many of us deal with. Unfortunately, pests tend to make themselves at home in our homes far more often once the summer months have begun. Rats, mice, spiders, and other various insects may seek refuge indoors.

So how do we keep all of these critters at bay? The well-known traps and chemical sprays do work, but if you are someone who is not fond of the harsher chemicals or cruel traps that are typically used, we’ve got a secondary solution for you. This all-natural method allows you to kiss the cruelty and chemicals goodbye. So, whats’ the secret? Peppermint.

If you are looking to ward off unwanted house guests, planting some mint outdoors is one of the best deterrents. Do you already have a garden that surrounds your home? Adding some peppermint plants is a great way to go. Once the pests catch a whiff of your new plants, they are going to start heading in another direction. These plants serve as a “not welcome” sign to pests. One of the great things about peppermint is that it grows easily in the cool shade, so having a shaded space along the house is perfect for it!

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Maybe you’re someone who does not have a garden outdoors and you would like to reap the same benefits. If so, grab a sock and place some dried peppermint leaves inside. Tie the sock to secure the dried peppermint inside and place the sock in any nooks or crannies that may be prone to unwelcome house guests.

A DIY peppermint spray also allows you to get into all of the cracks and crevices that are often ignored. To get started, steep some peppermint leaves in a pot of boiling water. Once the solution has had a chance to cool down, put it in a spray bottle. This is the perfect tool when it comes time to take care of the pest prone areas of the home. Simply spray a squirt here and there, as needed!

If you’d like to learn more about the awesome power of peppermint for pest control, check out the helpful video below. Share it with any friends who may be looking for an all-natural way to keep their homes critter-free! Let’s all do our part to make sure that we enjoy a pest-free summer this year!

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