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If you’re at home looking for a new hobby to occupy your time with, then maybe you might consider taking up creating temperature blankets. It is the perfect craft for anyone who enjoys knitting or crocheting, and right now they seem to be all the rage.

So, what exactly is a temperature blanket?

Temperature blankets are essentially a piece of the weather knitted over the span of a whole year. Most people will work on a row a day, resulting in a blanket that is a whole 365 rows long. They are either knitted or crotched with no standard pattern. That is what makes them look so interesting and special. Dr. Maren Mossman shared her finished project on Twitter and it’s quite a beauty!

Photo: Twitter/TheAtomicMommy

Since it’s essentially a whole year’s project, people like to use different yarns and colors to signify special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other big days. These temperature blankets can then be gifted to someone important in your life.

But perhaps the best thing about working on a temperature blanket is that you can do it anywhere. This project can keep you entertained at home or while on a getaway, and it can also provide a creative outlet that can get quite colorful.

Photo: Unsplash

Of course, if you’re new to knitting or crocheting then you don’t have to go for such a large project like a blanket. Just because a temperature blanket is supposed to cover a whole entire year of your life doesn’t mean that you need to go all out, especially if it’s your first time. But there are smaller options that might be a good start such as making a temperature scarf or even a mini blanket. You could even try for a pillow.

Photo: Twitter/Chelz65

Either way, these knitted items make for great gifts as well as fun projects to keep you busy. Given that we’re still in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, new hobbies are always welcomed distractions.

What do you think of the temperature blankets? Have you ever tried making one? Would you want to give it a try? Let us know!

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