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If your childhood was anything like ours, you may not be too familiar with Elf on the Shelf. It seems like the sort of tradition that has become more prominent in recent years, but for good reason. It helps parents out by getting the kids to behave a little nicer.

Apparently, this handy tradition isn’t reserved just for Christmas, either. There’s a new version of “Elf of the Shelf” that’s perfect for Easter: Peep on a Perch.

Photo: Amazon

The concept is the same as Elf on a Shelf, but instead of an Elf, it’s a Peep, and instead of a shelf, it’s a perch. Parents who want to encourage model behavior from the little ones can always tell them that the Easter Bunny won’t come and the Peep is keeping a close eye on everything.

Amazon now offers a Peep on a Perch kit for around $20. It comes with a storybook, along with a plush Peeps doll that can be hidden in any number of locations throughout the house.

Photo: Amazon

The Peep’s job is a simple one: He watches over the children and makes sure that they are behaving properly. The storybook offers more of an explanation for Peep’s job title. As it turns out, he is actually an assistant to the Easter Bunny. After all, the Easter Bunny cannot possibly fill up the baskets and decorate the eggs all by himself.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Peep on the Perch must also watch over the many, many children of the world. How else is the Easter Bunny supposed to make sure that they have been good little boys and girls? A child that behaves properly receives the ultimate reward: a shining recommendation to the Easter Bunny!

One final note: there are no edible Peeps included in the kit. You are going to need to buy your own.

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