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We love potatoes in all of their forms but we’re going to level with you here. The process of peeling them is enough to mess up our day. It’s such a tedious process and we wish that someone would do it for us.

Now that the holidays are here, we are left to wonder how much longer we will have to suffer like this. There simply has to be a better way!

Photo: Pixabay/Ralph

Fortunately, our friends over at Country Living are here to change the game. Did you know that you do not need a metal potato peeler to handle this job? In fact, there are no fancy ingredients or tools needed whatsoever. To get started, take the time to boil your unpeeled potatoes in the manner that you normally would.

That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Once the potatoes have been fully cooked, it is time to transfer them into some ice water. Give them five to ten seconds to cool down in their little ice bath. You can remove them from the ice bath once they are cool to be held by hand. At this point in time, the outside of each potato should feel loose and wrinkled.

Photo: YouTube/Williams Sonoma

Now, you should have the ability to peel each potato by hand. All you have to do now is wrap your hands around each potato and you are going to be able to pull the skin right off. It sounds like it is too good to be true, but trust us on this one, please. It works like an absolute charm.

Make sure that you are moving your hands in opposite directions when you are trying to twist the skins off. Make sure that the potatoes have been given adequate time to cool off. It’s not fun to burn your hands on hot potatoes! For best results, grab some gloves or a dishcloth if you need a layer of protection.

Photo: YouTube/Williams Sonoma

We urge readers to take a closer look at the clip below if they would like to learn more about how this hack is done.

After all, it can be tough to understand the exact science behind such an excellent tip!

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