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The Fourth of July is just a few days away. For many Americans, this means backyard barbecues, beach days, fireworks, and all the other things associated with the holiday. This of course includes plenty of American beer. And it seems that Pabst Blue Ribbon has you covered on the beer front with their 1,776-pack of beer.


Yes, you read that correctly. 1,776 beers in one pack. We thought they were already doing amazing things with their 99-pack of beer back in 2019, but it seems they’ve really outdone their own personal best. But if you’re wondering why 1,776 beers then you just need to take a little look back at history as it’s in honor of American Independence.


Clever, right? We thought so too!

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Now before you start draining your savings account in order to purchase a 1,776-pack, there are some things you need to know. First off, this isn’t widely available to the public. In fact, the massive pack is part of a collection that is only getting delivered to a specific selection such as Igloo Coolers, comedian Ali Macofsky, the pop-punk band Hot Mulligan, and The Nine Club.


Naturally, this probably saddens a lot of PBR fans who were hoping to be set for a while with their beer. But there is still hope as you can always get a 99-pack. Or, alternatively, you can wait to see if they’ll release a larger pack in the future as the company has hinted.

What do you think of the 1,776-pack of PBR? Were you hoping to maybe get one? Let us know!

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