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Most people naturally assume that once you are together with someone, you will want to spend the night with them as well.

Sleeping in the same bed is something that people have been doing for generations, but it is not always done that way.

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That is what TikTok user Siobhan is bringing out in a now-viral video. She reveals that she sleeps in separate rooms from her partner and their relationship has benefited as a result.

Even though it may be the thing that most people do, it is not necessarily the right thing for everyone. Siobhan says that she got the advice from a married couple that has been happily married for many years.

Photo: TikTok/@siobhan.lauren

After adopting the practice for themselves, she and her partner have actually experienced a strengthening of their relationship. She says: “We’ve lived together for three years, and for one and a half of those years, we’ve had our own bedrooms and we’ve slept separately.”

It isn’t just about sleeping in separate rooms, she said that at times, they would sleep in the same bed but most of the night was spent apart. In addition, they have very different sleep schedules so they were always interrupting each other’s sleep.

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“I’m also someone whose mood is very influenced by how much sleep I’ve had. So with Jamie being a night owl and me being more of an early sleeper, when we were sleeping together I’d end up staying up a lot later and I wouldn’t get as good of sleep.”

In the end, she says that after doing it for herself, she wouldn’t change a thing.


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Many people were very supportive of her decision in the comments, with some saying that they do the same thing in their relationships.