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We love stories about baby names and they never get old for us. Kellie and Kevin are parents who have relatively normal names. While some parents want to name their kids something unique for their generation, these patterns decided they wanted to give their child a name that perfectly fits in with the most trendy names of time – something non-traditional with confusing spelling.

Did they go to a baby name website? No, they did not. Did they look to the rich and famous for something that was a bit less conventional? Also no.

Photo: Pexels/Lisa Fotios

Instead of taking either of these routes, they elected to take their existing names and create a mash-up. We say this with all due respect but the end result that they came up with is not the greatest.

It does not matter what we think, though. As long as this family is happy, that is all that matters, right? Mash-ups do not work for everyone but Kevin and Kellie seem pleased with the results.

Photo: Pexels/Laura Garcia

Of course, we know that all of our readers have to be wondering what name we are even talking about at this point. Trust us, we are building anticipation here for a reason.

The little girl’s name? It is Kevleigh. If you are shaking your head now, wait until we tell you all about the pronunciation. According to the New York Post, the name is pronounced “Kev-lee” and yes, we are aware that this does not match their spelling choice. Oh, well. It is their name and they will do what they please. We just hope that the little girl is ready for all of the confusion.

Photo: Pexels/Rasmus Svinding

People are not going to know how to spell or pronounce this one. The unwitting couple decided to post a photo of her birthday cake online and they never could have expected what ended up happening next. No one cared at all about the cake. Everyone who saw the post was far more interested in asking questions about the child’s name.

“Kevly wouldn’t be that bad but… Kevleigh eeee,” teased one viewer. “If this name tells me anything, baby getting half of each of the parents’ genetics was already more than the baby had bargained for,” another chimed in.

On a more serious note, Kellie shared on Facebook that Kevleigh is currently in the hospital with a feeding tube, kidney infection, and distended colon. She’s started a GoFundMe to help with medical costs.