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On Father’s Day 2011, my husband and I decided to go to the local Flea Market. Ten minutes after arriving, I noticed my husband pick up something from the ground. It was a puppy!

Though dirty, filled with fleas and ticks my husband placed him on his chest. The puppy closed his eyes and remained there. I took him from my husband and this time placed him on my chest. Again, he closed his eyes and remain still. My heart was breaking.


We had two adopted female doggies at home and veterinarians in Puerto Rico are quite expensive. My husband took him from me and placed him on the ground.

The puppy followed us. I was near tears when my husband picks him up and told him “You will be named Lucky, for you are for having found us” I hugged and kissed my husband. I was thrilled. My husband carried the puppy the whole time. We stopped to get doggie shampoo and other items.


On Father’s Day, my husband celebrates “Lucky” finding us. He is very much loved and the only one who demands to sleep with us. P/S he now has three sisters. We inherited a miniature Chihuahua when my mom passed. We have a warm, loving home filled with four pawed babies.

Las Marias, PR

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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