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Now that carnival season is upon us, we need some new flavors to enjoy. Fortunately, the good folks at Oreo are more than happy to provide us with a highly intriguing new option.

This company is no stranger to the insane creations and these cookies are no different.

Photo: Pexels/Celso Mejia

We love to see flavors that push the envelope and break boundaries. If you are looking for the perfect cookie to celebrate carnival season, Oreo has got you covered. It’s releasing a cotton candy-flavored cookie and we are already doing our best to clear the necessary pantry space. Some readers might be pointing out the obvious: These cookies were available before.

The Cotton Candy Oreo was once on store shelves but has not been in existence for at least a decade now.

Of course, all of the fanatics have been doing their best to apply pressure to the company. At long last, the sweet treat has made its triumphant return. It takes us back to our days of riding Ferris wheels and picking all of the cotton candy out of our teeth.

These sugary cookies are an absolute delight, for anyone who has never had the chance to enjoy them before. The base is comprised of the golden Oreo cookie base that we already know and love. The cookies are sandwiched with pink and blue double stuffed crème filling that tastes just like cotton candy.

Oreo shared on Twitter that the cookies will be made available during the month of June at select stores nationwide.

If you happen to come across them, you had better act quickly. From the sound of it, these cookies are not going to be available for very long.