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Videos of this nature are very addictive and we love every second of them. Home renovation videos are beyond awesome, as they can also provide us with valuable inspiration for our personal residences.

The couple that you are about to meet in this video is going above and beyond, though. They came across an old laundromat in Charleston, South Carolina and the transformation that took place is amazing.

Photo: TikTok/@erinv_carpenter

Erin Carpenter (who goes by @erinv_carpenter on TikTok) has been sharing updates about the renovation. She and her husband have been working tirelessly and their efforts are certainly appreciated by the community. Their followers are enjoying the progress reports as well.

Once they decided to purchase the laundromat, they came up with a unique design theme that would allow it to stand apart.

Photo: TikTok/@erinv_carpenter

The project is now finished. They shared a 30-second clip of the end result and they have done some incredible work here. Instead of allowing the old, filthy tiles to remain in place, the flooring was totally replaced.

The couple went to Costco and purchased some waterproof vinyl plank. The vintage washers and dryers were also given a timely update. We love the welcoming green that they have chosen. Wall art was added, in addition to new signage.

Photo: TikTok/@erinv_carpenter

Customers are also being encouraged to spend time hanging out in the establishment, as the couple has provided all sorts of cute and modern furniture for people to lounge on. Once you take the time to take in all of the changes that they have made, you will want to hang out here, too.

In fact, other viewers have already seconded the motion. “That makes me want to go there and work on my laptop while I do my laundry,” said one. While the building itself has attracted a lot of attention, the way that the new and improved laundromat has brought the community together has attracted even more. It has become a hub for locals who do not have a washer and dryer of their own at home.


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“Laundromats are so vital to communities!” one viewer observed. “No one realizes how important they are until they use one themselves,” they added.

With any luck, this laundromat will be part of a growing movement that fully ties this community together. The difference that this couple has made is commendable and we give them all of the props in the world for taking the time to do this.