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There’s a very clear reason why October is National Chili Month: cooler weather means we’re in search of warmth and there’s nothing better than a hearty chili to warm us from that first fall chill. Be it a casserole dish, a dutch oven, or the beloved slow-cooker, chili can be made in whatever pot or pan suits your chili needs. One of the main reasons why I love chili is the fact that it’s so versatile, so there’s very little opportunity to get bored with the meal. Chili is also the perfect canvas for some of my very favorite add-ons, like cheese, sour cream, bacon, and onions.

I’ve gathered some of our favorite chili recipes. Each one captures some of my favorite chili-features: the richness of flavor combined with classic cold-weather comfort food.

What would National Chili Month be without a good pumpkin chili?
When it’s pumpkin season, just dive right in and this creamy white bean pumpkin chili is a great way to get into the pumpkin spirit.

Flavor paramount is when it comes to chili, and that’s why I love this satisfying green chicken chili. I just love that rich green color and I love that it’s different from a more conventional, tomato-based chili. My love for sour cream finds a place here with a couple of generous dollops and maybe a scattering of fresh green onion for that peppery-onion kick.

One of my favorite fusions is the marriage between chili and mac n cheese. The cheesy creamy noodles paired with a rich tomato and slow-cooked beef means comfort is served in one bowl. Check out this one-pot chili mac.

I love cornbread. And I especially love to serve it with chili. So here’s one way to put the two together in one casserole dish with our chili-stuffed cornbread casserole.

I hope you’re inspired to give some of these a try! Chili is really one of those soul-warming, belly-filling, comfort food greats that the whole family can enjoy. The fact that we have so many different options for chili means that we can enjoy this hearty meal without getting bored. Enjoy!

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