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Bedtime is perhaps one of the more difficult times of the day for both parents and children. Some parents struggle to get their kids to go to sleep at night but Sesame Street may have just what you all need during that time. A new show is being debuted that helps kids to have a more enjoyable bedtime and, therefore, it helps parents as well.

A familiar red puppet will be hosting the “Not Too Late Show with Elmo” that will bring on celebrity guests for interviews and have its own house band. Even the cookie monster will get involved as Elmo’s sidekick.

“At a time when individual viewing has become the norm, ‘The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo’ offers a shared experience that has something for everyone,” according to a press release from executive producer Ben Lehmann.

“Young children will love seeing their ‘Sesame Street’ friends in a new way, the madcap backstage humor will keep older kids engaged and adults will get a kick out of seeing their favorite celebrities at play,” it read.

Photo: YouTube / HBO Max

The show will premiere on May 27 on HBO max. It is a 13 episode series that discusses bedtime routines and features a number of games, such as teddy bear dress-up contests and tricycle races.

Other late-night talkshow hosts will be guests of the show, such as John Oliver and Jimmy Fallon. Other guests include the Jonas Brothers, John Mullaney, and Batman.

You can find the first three episodes on HBO Max on May 27. A new episode will be released every Thursday starting June 4. Sesame Street’s YouTube channel will also have a special preview on May 21.

Since you will have to use a streaming service to see the series, you can watch it at any time after the show airs. According to Elmo, however, his bedtime is 7:30.

“Parents might not recognize all the teachable moments in simple routines, like putting on pajamas and reading a story or watching a television show together,” Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, Sesame Workshop’s senior vice president of curriculum and content, said in the press release. “But especially now, when kids’ everyday lives have been turned upside down — those moments are more important than ever.”

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