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There are certain things that we probably look for when we are trying to buy a home. They often say that location is the primary thing, but we probably also would like to buy a home that is not haunted.

In a small community west of Boston, a property was being listed with Ponte Realty Group-Keller Williams Realty, South Watuppa. Somebody from the nearby area saw the sign and decided to post a picture of it online. It really has people wondering, because there is a strange message attached to the sign.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Some real estate signs may say “Great Location” or “Priced to Sell.” This sign, however, simply said “Not Haunted.” Although I’m sure that it is an important point to consider if you are buying a home, it’s not something that you typically see.

Bloomstein posted the picture on Twitter, saying: “This just went up around the corner and I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.” Over 100,000 people have liked the tweets so far.

Photo: Twitter/@mbloomstein

According to the Boston Globe, Bloomstein lives nearby so she wanted to find out why the home would have such a sign. The agency, however, claims that they didn’t know anything about it and wrote: “Wait a second, where is that sign, because that’s our sign but we didn’t put up that rider.”

It seems as if the real estate company feels that it was somewhat of a joke that somebody added the rider to their sign. Since that time, it has been removed but the picture continues to live on.

Photo: Twitter/@mbloomstein

Interestingly, Massachusetts does not have a law that requires homeowners or real estate brokers to disclose if a property is haunted. In either case, it’s not a home that is on my list of places to live.

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