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Looking at the same interior scenery day in and day out can really make you want to reevaluate how your space is decorated. During these times of self-isolation, it can be difficult or impossible to source new home wares right now due to high demand, low stock, and/or economic insecurity. But, there are a few tips and tricks to refreshing your space without buying anything new. You might just need a little inspiration.

modern dining room
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Edit Your Objects

Finding the ideal style or arrangement of a room can take a long time. We may try out several different styles or color combinations before deciding on a direction. Editing down what is in a room can help you see what you really love. By removing things you’re unsure of, you create a stronger impression of your true style.

paired down living room with sectional
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A secondary benefit of editing objects or furniture is that less cluttered spaces tend to feel better and function more smoothly. You can try this with just one small area at a time to see how it feels. And, these objects can be put to use in other rooms as well.

Rearrange Things

This is a simple fix, but one that is often overlooked and costs nothing. By rearranging your furniture you can breathe new life into a room and perhaps even increase the flow or functionality of the space. And, if you already edited a bit then it will be easier to move things around.

coral tufted sofa against a wall
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You can play around with moving furniture away from the walls (we’re looking at you, sofa). You can also take this opportunity to create small conversation areas or niches for doing specific tasks (think about a bar station from a side table or a reading nook next to bookshelves).

Use Your Stash

Do you have “good” candles you’ve been saving? What about pretty vases you only bring out at Easter? And, do you have a stash of prints and/or picture frames in the garage? Now could be the time to bring out these special pieces. You can shop your stash any time to create new looks based on things you have yet to grow tired of looking at.

collection of plates hanging on a wall with a gold-framed photo
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Bringing out your attic pieces can be a great way to completely change the feeling of an area, especially if they are in colors that you don’t usually have on display.

Play with Color

Another “shop your house” tactic is to group like colors together. Or you can go the opposite route by paring contrasting colors alongside one another. Instead of having a scattered assortment of hues, try to regroup what you already have into a cohesive color story.

living room with white brick wall and teal accents
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This strategy won’t take the place of buying this season’s trendiest new color, but it will lend a different air to your home and make a deliberate statement instead of an incidental scheme.

Play with Foliage

Even if you can’t get to the florist, try cutting some branches or wildflowers to put the final finishing (and most importantly, free) touches on your new space. Some great options are lilacs, rubber trees, bluebells, forsythia, or even red maple or redbuds.

flowering branch in a clear vase
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No matter how you choose to decorate your spaces, there’s always some revamping to be had for free if only you can get creative with what you already have around the house.

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