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Certain stories make us ask “why?” before we have even had a chance to find out more. When we learned that a chemist had crafted one of the smelliest compounds known to man, we had lots of follow-up questions but we are going to let NileRed explain himself.

He decided that it was time to whip up a thioacetone batch. Did you know that this actually the single smelliest compound known to man? We were today years old when we first learned about this one.

Photo: YouTube/NileRed

This compound is also known as a organosulfur, which just sounds smelly. If you would like to learn even more about this idea, we will let NileRed take it away. “Thioacetone is something that I’ve been wanting to make for a while, and now, I finally get to experience its horror. Will it be as horrendously stinky as it is claimed to be?” he shared on YouTube.

It’s actually considered a dangerous chemical due to its extremely foul odor and its ability to render people unconscious and induce vomiting …Will it make me pass out and vomit?” he asks. If we had to bet, we are going to go ahead and say yes to that last one.

Photo: YouTube/NileRed

We would never be able to remain in the same room with this compound. He is a very brave man and we are glad that he took the time to document this one for us. This compound was first created in 1889 by German scientists Baumann and Fromm. Since it can reach long distances, most chemists would never, ever attempt to duplicate it.

“I rented an entire Island so I’d be far away from any potential victims the only downside was that if it were horrible it would be way harder to get away but I figured I’d deal with that later when I eventually got to the island I took a quick little tour and I tried to find what I felt would be the best spot to do it when I eventually found something that I liked I went back and got all my supplies and I started putting together my setup – this was thankfully really easy,” NileRed shares in the video.

Photo: YouTube/NileRed

At least he was thinking about the rest of us before he got started!

“In the end I had successfully made the mythical Thioacetone and I’m very happy that I got to personally experience its horribleness. It wasn’t quite as overwhelmingly bad as I was hoping it would be but it made up for that by being almost unbelievably potent and I was genuinely surprised by how far it could travel,” he shares.

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