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Jelly beans are usually considered to be a sweet treat but Jelly Belly is here to disrupt that notion. If you have had the normal Jelly Belly candies, you may not know what we are talking about.

However, those who have had the BeanBoozled variety are sure to be chuckling to themselves already. They are great candies for anyone who wants to pull off a harmless prank.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

So, for those who are unaware, the BeanBoozled collection comes with a very simple concept. Yes, you will have the traditional flavors you know and love to enjoy. In addition to these traditional favorites, there are also gag (literally) flavors that no sane person would ever want to eat. The peaches and pears are mixed in with candies that taste like vomit and dirty clothes.

Now, new reports from WRAL indicate that Jelly Belly is ready to up the ante with some insane new flavors.

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

The newest BeanBoozled boxes come with jelly beans that taste like liver and onion, and old bandages. We do not even want to know how they managed to come up with this idea and we darn sure don’t want to know who was assigned to handle the taste tests.

The worst part of all is that it is hard to tell because the nastier candies are designed to look just like the tasty ones. This is so devious that we do not know what to do with ourselves. The dark brown beans could be liver and onions. On the other hand, they could also be cappuccino flavored as well. It’s such a shot in the dark and we do not wish it on anyone.

Photo: StockSnap

If you get offered a jelly bean anytime soon, do not say that we did not warn you about this. These are perfect for anyone who is looking to pull a prank or two, though. We cannot wait to see if we can get some of the sweet tooth types in our lives to fall for this. We are already prepared to run sprinting in the opposite direction once we have handed these out.

These packs are currently available in stores and/or online, for all those who are interested. You can find them online here.

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