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For many people Girl Scout cookies are a yearly tradition they look forward to. The Girl Scout cookies season is roughly January through April, though this can vary a little by region. This is the only time when you can get many of the most sought after flavors. Of course, you can buy “clones” of some of these cookies in the supermarket, but I can tell you from experience that they are not the same. The official Girl Scout cookies are just richer, more flavorsome, and have a better texture. Because there are so many diehard fans of the cookies it’s a Big Deal when the Girl Scouts drop a new flavor.

samoas girls scout cookies on napkin
Samoa cookies are a long time favorite with buyers. Via: MissMessie/Flickr

The Girl Scouts just announced a new addition to their already popular line up of classics like Thin Mints, Samoas, and Do-Si-Dos. The new cookies are called Adventurefuls and feature a unique design. The cookies start with a chocolate “brownie-inspired” thumbprint cookie and are filled with a smooth, salted caramel cream frosting and finished with a decorative drizzle of chocolate on top.

The snazzy design is not unusual for the brand as their cookies have always had a very consistent and neat look. According to a press release from the Girl Scouts of the USA the cookies will be available to purchase starting in 2022.

As usual, the proceeds from cookie sales will go towards learning programs for the scouts, as well as offering hands-on entrepreneurial experience and a new Cookie Business badge this year coming year. Additions to the cookie program for 2022 include enhanced business-oriented learning for the Girl Scouts, as well as a focus on online cookie sales.

girl scout cookies to general erskine 1945
Via: USMC Archives/Flickr

Whichever flavors of Girl Scout cookies you decide to get this coming year it’s nice to know that they keep bringing out new flavors and expanding the line. Girl Scout cookie season has become a tradition, one that Americans have been delightfully indulging in for more than a century.

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