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What do you expect to see when you go on TikTok? As you scroll from one video to another, you are likely to see things that range from entertaining to shocking.

The one thing you don’t tend to see on TikTok is wholesome videos, but Audrey Perry is about to change that perception.

Photo: TikTok/@audreyperryy

Audrey regularly shares videos on the viral platform and this includes some feel-good videos about her relationship with the young boy next door. They have struck up quite a friendship and even have a “food exchange” that they enjoy.

Nour, Audrey’s neighbor, was first introduced to TikTok in January. Since that time, she has been posting regular updates of their nightly routine.

Photo: TikTok/@audreyperryy

In most cases, it involves Nour bringing over dinner for Audrey but she usually sends something sweet back in return.

The exchange is wonderful to watch but there is often something to learn. Nour brings over dishes that his Middle Eastern family has been enjoying for years. On the other hand, Audrey shares some American desserts, including some yummy cookies.

Photo: TikTok/@audreyperryy

In the first video they shared, Nour was bringing a bowl of “freekeh” from his mother. It’s a kind of lentil soup.

He calls it somewhat of a “thicker soup” and tells her to eat bread with it because it improves the taste.


Me and Norm and our neighborly food exchanges

♬ original sound – Audrey Perry

Nour goes on to explain that most Arabic dishes include blended vegetables. His mom also sends along a side salad instead of bread.

The dish had pomegranate, as well as sheep liver and heart.

Audrey tries the dish in front of the camera to give her opinion. She then admits that she tried it before she started filming so she knew she liked it.


cookie review with @nourtemsah23

♬ original sound – Audrey Perry

Overall, the soup got a 9.5 out of 10 but the sheep heart and liver scored an 8. I guess you can’t like everything.

In another video, Nour tries some Joanna Gaines’ Silo Cookies and he says they are “super good.” A friend of Audrey’s asks him to give more details.

He said it tastes similar to a banana but “at the end, you kinda feel like chocolatey.”


another neighborly food exchange with Nour!

♬ original sound – Audrey Perry

He rated this a 9.5 out of 10.

Millions of people have come online and appreciated these wholesome videos between Audrey and Nour.

Only a few videos have been posted so far but the internet is waiting for more already.