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While COVID-19 has put a stop to most of our outings (unless they are taking place on Zoom), that has not stopped us from dreaming of a simpler times. As soon as we are ready to have dinner parties again, we are going to be inviting everyone we know. Thanks to this helpful hack, you can now add some much-needed elegance to your dinner table.

Even if you are having dinner with the same people on an everyday basis, there is something to be said for having a classy setup. It can get boring to eat at the same table every day and decor plays a major role in that. This napkin hack is so deceptively simple, you will be surprised that you never heard about it before.

Photo: YouTube / Handimania

It makes a world of difference, though, believe us on that. Cloth napkins or paper napkins can be used.

And while we can’t start inviting the whole neighborhood over just yet, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for when things finally do open back up. We are not about to spoil this video for you either.

We know that you want to find out more about this technique without us having the chance to spoil it for you. This is one of those “we can show you much better than we can tell you” type of things, that is for sure. Handimania is the YouTube account that is responsible for this clip and we are glad that they have decided to share all of their knowledge and expertise with us.