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TikTok is constantly surprising us with neat tips and hacks, and now one nail tech is going viral for showing how she makes acrylic nails with food.

@ilysmnails was challenged to create her own acrylic nails out of food. At first, her videos were getting quite a lot of views because she was showing off her process for handling manicures. Once she decided that she was going to up the ante, people were extremely interested.

Photo: TikTok/@ilysmnails

She created the “Pasta Nail Hack” video and we cannot stop laughing at the mere concept of it. All we can manage to do with pasta and our nails is very basic. Unless you want to put pieces of uncooked spaghetti in between your fingers and pretend to be Wolverine, there’s not much that we can do to help you out.

Photo: TikTok/@ilysmnails

Luckily for you, this woman is a bit more helpful than that. A LOT more, in fact. This woman successfully crafted her own acrylic nails out of penne pasta and we absolutely have to know more about her secret.


Pasta Nail Hack 🍝 💅🏽 #nails #satisfying #oddlysatisfying #beautyhacks

♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu

You won’t believe the number of views that she racked up with her videos, either. The first video, where she showed people how to create the nails, got over 10 million views. The nail removal process has proven to be even more popular, closing in on nearly 30 million views as we speak. She does other foods as well which is just as impressive.


Reply to @soreyateppen15 Onion 🧅 Nails make my eyes water #nailtutorial #nails #acrylicnails #beautyhacks

♬ Rasputin (7″ Version) – Boney M.

However, she’s not limited to foods when it comes time to create her awesome new acrylic nails, either.

Photo: TikTok/@ilysmnails

She’s used light bulbs, crayons, and even rose petals to craft the nails. Those who watch her videos on a regular basis are also encouraged to put in their own requests. We cannot wait to see what she manages to come up with next!

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