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Do you know what a great example of an eerie thought is? What happens to a house where a murder has taken place once the crime scene is wrapped up and the case is solved. It’s eerie but it’s a valid question – what’s next for that crime scene home?

That same question is actually the whole premise of an upcoming show called “Murder House Flip,” which will focus on combining house flipping with true crime. Definitely sounds likes a must-watch for any true crime fans out there.

The series comes from “CSI” executive producer Josh Bergman. The show will put homes throughout the country who’ve had mysterious murders happen in them, into the spotlight. Homeowners will receive help from a team of experts who will be removing the aura of negativity from the home then flipping it.

Those show experts looking to help shed some light in the dark will be a mix of spiritual healers, forensic experts and a team of high-end renovators.

The show’s episodes will most likely be short since the show is going to be airing on a new streaming service called Quibi – which is a combination of the words “quick” and “bites.” The entertainment service streams short content which has been designed to be viewed on smartphones.

Quibi, led by DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, has an expected launch date of April 2020. A report by the Los Angeles Times says that the service with cost $5 with ads, but if you don’t want ads interrupting you, you can pay a little extra of $8 for no ads.

Investors have already begun betting big money on the company that is offering popular short forms of entertainment. There have been plenty of mainstream celebrities who have signed onto the streaming service, either to produce or star in content.

Each of Quibi’s shows will be roughly 10 minutes in length. There have already been some programs that have been announced and they sound pretty cool. There a new car stunt show with Idris Elba and driver Ken Block called “Elba vs. Block” as well as Tyra Banks’ “Beauty,” which is a docu-series where the model tackles the beauty industry and discusses defying the norms of beauty.

In addition to these big names, Darren Criss, is another celebrity who has shared his involvement with Quibi. The former “Glee” star has tweeted about his project with them – a show called “Royalties” that is also set to star Tony Revolori, Georgia King and John Stamos.

Other well-known people who have signed on to work with Quibi include Steven Spielberg, who will create a horror series; Liam Hemsworth who will star in an action thriller; Anna Kendrick, who is going to both produce and star in a comedy about a writer and a sex doll; and Don Cheadle who will take part in a scifi drama. Other big names who will be involved in Quibi projects are Zac Efron, Guillermo del Toro, and Dwayne Johnson.

The streaming service is banking on our short attention of its core demographic – those who are 25- to 35-year olds – to make its money. These are the ones who currently watch tons of content on YouTube – and most of the videos fit into the criteria of quick bits.

Needless to say, with all the talent signed onto the new Quibi company, we’re already excited for its 2020 debut. And “Murder House Flip” is definitely going to be on our must-watch list.

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