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Christmas means something different to everyone. For some, it is all about decorating, and for others, it is family or perhaps even nostalgia.

There is also something that tends to be popular across the board, and that is the candy we get to enjoy when Christmas arrives. There may even be some type of candy that you wait for every year, and you might be surprised to learn that it may just be the most popular candy in your state.

Photo: Pixabay/webandi

In Los Angeles, there is a wholesale bulk candy website, They ship candy throughout the United States, so they were in a position to see what their customers loved the most about Christmas candy. They were even able to break it down on a state-by-state level, as was seen in a report from the New York Post.

They did a survey this year for the most popular Christmas candy by state. Over 16,000 people responded, giving them a good indication as to what the most popular candies were.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

There were 12 different candies that made the top of the list in the 50 States and Washington DC. For example, peppermint bark was the top candy in eight different states, but there were some other surprises, such as Starbursts and Reese’s Cups.

Chocolate was a big winner across the board, but there were some states that also preferred candies based on a vanilla flavor. This included Reindeer Corn, which was the most popular candy in only one state.

Photo: Flickr/beaumontpete License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

If you’d like the skinny on which candies are the most popular in which states, here’s the list:

Candy Canes:



Chocolate Santas:



-New Mexico

-North Dakota


Hershey’s Kisses:




-South Dakota


Kit Kat:







-New Hampshire

-South Carolina



Peppermint bark:






-Rhode Island


-West Virginia

Reindeer Corn:


Reese’s Cup Minis:








Reese’s Pieces:



-New Jersey


-District of Columbia



-New York







-North Carolina



Photo: Flickr/m01229 License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic went on to report that candy canes and peppermint bark are decreasing in popularity. They said: “Candy canes are not the universally loved Christmas candy you might think. They are often found on the WORST Christmas candy list, in fact.”

They also said that people don’t tend to enjoy candy canes because after you suck on them for a little while, they get sharp and dangerous. It is also hard to unwrap an entire piece.