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Every single time I go back to my hometown, I am always pitched a different gt-rich-quick scheme. Although I know these are all complete B.S., I went grocery shopping with my mom and came across a ‘money tree’ at Trader Joes…It seemed promising so I wanted to learn more.

Turns out that the concept of a ‘money tree’ has been around for a while now. Pachira Aquatica, AKA ‘money tree’, is a tropical plant that is native to Central and South America. They are generally very easy to take care of indoors and are practically kill-proof, according to Apartment Therapy.

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Flower Friday 🌸 !! Kick your weekend off right by grabbing yourself or a friend a gorgeous NEW 🌱 Plant. I ❤️Love Love these Money Trees and Lavender plants! My TJ’s also had Fiddle Leaf Fig plants too (not pictured) !! Which do you like better? I happen to have all three. What are you up to this weekend? Watching anything good on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu , HBO.. ect? Tell me in the comments. • • • • • #traderjoes #traderjolene #traderjoeshaul #happyfriday #traderjoesfinds #flowerfriday #traderjoesflowers #lavender #flowerfriday #traderjoesflowers #plantsmakepeoplehappy #flowersmakemehappy #traderjoeslist #flowerpower #moneytree #flowerstagram #freshcutflowers #tiptoethroughthetulips #stopandsmelltheroses #stopandsmelltheflowers #groceryshopping #grocerylist #shoppinghaul

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According to Epic Gardening, the reason it is called a money tree is because of the five leaves found on each stem, a number which represents the elements.

It’s one of many different money plants identified in feng shui, which you can read more about on The Spruce.

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🌿8” #pachira aka 💸 #moneytree with vase, spotted today in our Aloha OR @costco store for only $19.99! Check your local store for price and availability! #costcodeals #costco #plants #costcoplants

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The plant has been popping up at Costco, Trader Joe’s, and a number of other retailers. We are definitely going to get one after all the money we spent during the holiday season!

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