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Christmas cookies are one of the nostalgic traditions that many people look forward to one year after another. It seems as if target managed to stir up some controversy this year, however, with a set of three Christmas cookies that show Santas head, body, and shoes. It sounds innocent enough, but an X-rated design fail in the bottom cookie has some moms up in arms.

The New York Post reported that Nicole Miller, a mother from Tennessee, bought some of the cookies for her children and then shared pictures to a Facebook group. Other people in the group began to leave comments about the design of the cookies. Miller said: “My friends pointed out Santa’s boots – which I then couldn’t unsee.”

According to The Post, Jola Burnett is a mother who works in market research and was shocked to see that this design fail made it through to the point where it was being sold in stores. She was wondering how they managed to get so far down the production line.

Even though complaints seem to be coming in on social media, Target said that they have not received complaints from customers about the cookies.

It doesn’t matter if you have seen the oddly designed cookies or not, you can still buy them (or not) for only $3.99 at Target.

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