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When it comes to household chores, there are quite a few tasks that seem never-ending and laundry is definitely one of them. It’s time-consuming, requires sorting, folding, putting away, ironing (if you’re into that), etc.

If you have a particularly large family, laundry duty can become quite a burden, and fast. In reality, it’s a chore that’s never-ending and it just becomes more taxing if your laundry room is located away from bedrooms or closets, like in a basement.

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Amanda is one wife and mother who is in that particular situation. Her laundry room is located in the basement and she’s in charge of laundry duty.

She shared her brilliant laundry hack on TikTok and viewers are taking note. Her laundry room has a dresser and several racks of clothing. It’s beautifully set up and perfectly organized. Check out her hack to learn how she handles the task of laundry so well:


My laundry room hack🙌🏻. #thatjustmakesense #laundry #laundryroom #organizedhome #hometips #organized #randomthingsinmyhouse

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The racks of clothes hanging in her laundry room are where her kids’ and husband’s clothes are stored! As she shared, she’s the only one doing laundry so she’s the only one who gets a closet. Seems fair to us.

Some may find her hack to be amazing, others may find it more problematic. We are not going to lie to you, as the ones who are responsible for doing all of the laundry in our house, we find her solution to be rather brilliant.

“This is GENIUS. We have a spare room NEXT to our laundry room but this is my new project this winter,” said one commentator.

According to one viewer, the husband “showers in the basement bathroom and gets dressed right there. I follow her on IG. He said he likes it.”

If it works for them? It works for us!

What do you think of their laundry setup? Would you set up racks and leave the closets for yourself?

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