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Lots of well-meaning people have made these types of mistakes in the past, that is for sure. That’s what makes this story a must-read.

Once you have accidentally seen some genitals things, it is hard to un-see them. Most of us look to avoid these experiences at all costs but things happen. Mistakes are made and that’s no problem. The video that you are about to see comes from a woman named Hazel. Apparently, she allowed her mother to choose her own wallpaper for her kitchen and hilarity ensued.

Photo: TikTok/@hazelandpoppy90

The level of hilarity will depend on your personal vantage point, we suppose. “What did you do, June?” the post is captioned and we cannot stop laughing to save our lives.

“My mom has bought questionable wallpaper,” the onscreen caption reads. The mother is sitting down and seems very pleased with her purchase but Hazel is here to point out the obvious concerns. “Why did you buy p—y wallpaper?” she asks.

Photo: TikTok/@hazelandpoppy90

According to June, she did not know until it was too late. She seems to be shrugging it off but Hazel is having none of that. “It looks like a vagina,” Hazel tells her mother. “Any way you look at it, it looks like a hairy vagina, Mom. You got hairy vagina kitchen wallpaper.” We are with you on this one, Hazel. We are not sure how on earth she could have made such an egregious mistake.

“I know, it’s lovely,” June says, but her eyes look uncomfortable. “Keep it for the s*x room, not for the kitchen,” Hazel fires back.

Photo: TikTok/@hazelandpoppy90

Of course, the commentators had a lot to say about this wallpaper and there is one question that seemed to be coming up a lot. They wanted to know where she would even go to find this crude wallpaper in the first place.

If she wants to have these genitals decorating her home, it is her call. It’s not like we can tell June how to live!


What did you do June?! 🤣🤣 #over30s #fyp #funnyvideos #failarmy #failed #stitch

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In case you’re wondering how it looks on the wall, check out the follow-up video below:


Replying to @Anastasia 🎈 it looks good to be fair 🤣🤣🤣 #statementwall #statementwallpaper

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It’s a statement wall, that’s for sure!

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