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Ask any parent and they will tell you, there are going to be times when the baby gets fussy. Some babies get fussy every day, and it can be frustrating and tiring when you can’t get them to calm down.

Perhaps you have experienced this before and you try some advice from others. That advice may work or it may fall flat, but one thing is certain, every mother has a secret weapon in their arsenal.

Photo: TikTok/@melissak096

For a 27-year-old mother named Melissa Buckley, the secret is all about music. She even went on TikTok to share her secret with the world, and millions of people have watched the video.

You can see her son, Jackson, is fussy. It’s a scene that many of us are all too familiar with when we have children in our lives. That is when she leans off to the side and gets Alexa to do the work. She tells the AI to play “Get Low.”

Suddenly, Lil’ Jon’s song is filling the air and Jackson stops crying long enough to lift his head and appreciate the music.

Photo: TikTok/@melissak096

Melissa and Jackson then begin dancing to the beat and Melissa even shows off some dance moves. After all, this is TikTok!

When she captioned the now-viral video, she let everyone know that he was fast asleep by the end of the song. She then shared a haha with social media.

I would be laughing too, if my crying baby just fell asleep that easily.

Photo: TikTok/@melissak096

Melissa went on to explain that she and her husband, Zach, will play the song more than once per day at times to calm Jackson down. It works wonders when he is fussy.

In speaking with TODAY, Melissa said she has had this routine since before Jackson was born. She said she would listen to it in the latter half of her pregnancy because she was trying to get him low. It would play on repeat multiple times per day for three or four weeks.

After Jackson made his appearance, it was just a matter of keeping up the routine.

Like all new mothers, Melissa was stressed out when Jackson started crying and there wasn’t anything to be done about it. She began to experiment by playing the song and it worked.


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♬ original sound – Melissa✨

Even Lil Jon got in on the act by sharing the video on Instagram. He was impressed with what happened when Jackson heard the music.

There were also many others who commented on the video, saying it was something to be kept and perhaps even shared on his wedding day. Others shared their baby’s favorite song and agreed it worked like a charm.