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Filipe Miranda is one of the most talented miniaturists on the planet and we do not care if that’s a hot take! The items that he creates are so cool to look at because of the attention to detail.

He creates classic toys, board games, and drinking games that are exactly like the normal versions, but tiny!

Naturally, the process of creating these games brought back all kinds of childhood memories for him.

Check out his amazing creations below:

1. Connect Four

Photo: Instagram/filipemiranda_design

In addition to crafting the tiniest Connect Four set that we have ever seen, he even made it functional so it can be played!

2. Rubik’s Cube

Photo: Instagram/filipemiranda_design

As if the Rubik’s Cube was not hard enough to solve already! Although, we imagine that this one might be easier to manipulate if you also have miniature utensils to work with. It’s not every day that you are going to see a Rubik’s Cube this size, that is for sure.

3. Twister

Photo: Instagram/filipemiranda_design

This one is especially funny, if only because we are laughing our butts off trying to imagine the creatures that would be small enough to use this set. Maybe some mice might like a try?

4. Jenga

Photo: Instagram/filipemiranda_design

Okay, very funny, sir! Jenga is already hard enough and this guy has found a way to up the level of difficulty even higher. To be quite honest, we did not think that was possible. We may as well cut to the chase ad flick over the whole pile right away.

5. Beer Pong

Photo: Instagram/filipemiranda_design

The use of tweezers is very funny here. The dirty floor is also a nice touch. It brings us back to our college days!