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When we see apples, it is almost impossible not to think of the fall season. Warm apple pie is one of the many pleasures that we live for during these months. There are few things better than a nice, big apple pie. However, we think that we may have stumbled across the next best thing. This recipe will teach you how to create your very own set of mini apple pies that can be consumed in one bite!

The recipe was created by Laura In The Kitchen and is suitable for all skill levels. In most instances, the process of making a traditional apple pie is quite difficult. The mini versions are not nearly as challenging, though. In fact, a whole batch only takes about 20 minutes to prepare!

Photo: YouTube / Laura in the Kitchen

Much like traditional apple pies, these miniature versions also pair well with some ice cream.

Unlike regular apple pies, these little versions come pre-portioned and are so simple! This year has been a crazy one and it’s about time we take a step back and enjoy some backing (and the treats that come with it).

We were sold as soon as we found out that we could be enjoying these bad boys within a mere 20 minutes! To learn more, check out the full recipe tutorial below:

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