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If you have ever been to a wedding before, you know that things can get pretty out of hand. Once the drinks are flowing, anything is liable to get said.

Typically, the truly off-color stuff does not happen until the reception has started. However, this bride and groom decided that they were going to kick off the festivities a bit early. To be more precise, a hot mic made the decision for them.

Photo: Reddit/Sming7177

The bride decided to make a very coarse joke and the groom’s microphone picked it up so that the whole ceremony ended up hearing it. The footage went viral long after and we will be honest, we are experiencing a fair amount of secondhand embarrassment. It was posted to Reddit, where the upvotes and comments have been rolling in like you would not believe.

Everyone seems very amused by this one and you can see why. This footage needs to be shared far and wide because we could all use this reminder.

Photo: Reddit/Sming7177

If you are at a wedding, you may want to be careful about the jokes that you make. “He knows he chose the right one,” the title reads and we have to agree.

When the video begins, we see the bride and groom standing next to each other. They have huge smiles on their faces and they are probably posing for wedding photos. “Excited to lose your virginity tonight?” the bride says, as she gazes into the groom’s eyes. Of course, the groom recoiled in horror. “Just kidding!” she says.

Photo: Reddit/Sming7177

“I have a mic!” he yells and he starts to tug at his lapel, so that she can see the error of her ways. We highly doubt that she cared that much but it is still funny to see. “That’s always going to be enshrined in our wedding video!” The wedding photographer even chimes in and promises to take it out. (Narrator: the photographer did not take it out).

“I just made a crass joke, I’m sorry,” the bride confessed to everyone who happened to be in earshot.

He knows he chose the right one.
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We cannot stop laughing and we are sure that you are going to be cracking up too once you have had the chance to see this.