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Summer is one of the best times of the year. The weather is lovely, the days are long, and there are so many fun activities associated with this time of year like going to the beach, camping, having barbecues, throwing pool parties, etc.

However, there is a downfall to summer, and that is the bug population. Summer is when all the bugs come out and have their day in the sun. Flies are annoying, wasps are merciless bullies, and mosquitos are incredibly irritating.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As much as summer is perfect for countless outdoor activities, the one drawback is always mosquitos. They are the bane of outdoor activities, as their bites always cause itchy welts to break out on the skin. As much as there are bug sprays and other repellants, sometimes they don’t always work if you happen to miss a spot while spraying yourself down.

Sometimes, we don’t even think to spray ourselves on a specific part of our body, like our feet for example. How many times have we worn flip-flips outside only to realize the next day that we should’ve used the bug spray on our feet and ankles because they’re now covered in itchy red bites?

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

Some of us might even opt to not go out in shorts during summer for fear that we’ll get eaten alive by mosquitos. But, now there is a solution.

Coghlan, on Amazon, is now selling “bug pants,” which are essentially see-through mesh pants that are thin and fine, allowing for airflow, but at the same time thick enough to keep the bugs away.

The mesh pants are essentially designed with the thought in mind that they can be slipped over any article of clothing that you choose to wear. So you can still go outside in shorts for that backyard barbecue without worrying about itchy mosquito bites.

Photo: Amazon/Coghlan

These handy mesh bug pants are available in multiple sizes and are meant to be loose-fitting so that they don’t cling to your skin and can keep bugs away. You can purchase a set for just $16.57. A size medium will fit anyone up to 200 pounds. The best part is, if you’re already a Prime member, you can get them delivered to you with one-day shipping! The pants are already proving to be quite the hit, earning a 4.3-star rating out of 5 stars.

One Amazon member wrote, “2 days ago (after suffering at least 10 bites on my arms & legs), I had enough!! did my research on ways to keep these odious pests off of me & came upon Coghlan’s whole outfit. Based on reviews, I was sold!This is my first review ever… was compelled to leave one after spending this afternoon in my garden (wearing these & the Coghlan’s shirt). I saw at least 3 mosquitos fly up to my face & then fly AWAY!!!!! (Didn’t see any bugs 2 days ago when I got eaten alive….)after I finished my garden work, I had to leave a review ASAP.”

Photo: Amazon/Coghlan

Someone else commented, “HUGE Skin saver! Mosquito’s love me, and I’ve been wearing these all spring while working in the yard. We’ve had some nasty swarms of mosquito’s this year & I’ve remained bite free.”

Would you get these pants? Have you already tried them? Let us know!