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If there is one subject that seems to catch our attention more than any other, it’s dieting. If you hang out in any conversation for more than a few minutes, it is likely to take a turn in that direction.

Everybody has their own opinion as far as what can be done to lose weight, but one grandfather in Nashville is taking things in an entirely different direction. 56-year-old Kevin Maginnis is losing weight by dining at McDonald’s.

Photo: Pixabay/Kelvin Stuttard

Maginnis is documenting his weight loss on TikTok, and according to his videos, the McDonald’s menu is working on his waistline. He started on February 21 at 238 pounds, and it’s been downhill ever since.

In his initial TikTok video, he spoke about how it was “absolutely unacceptable” that he woke up that morning and weighed 238 pounds. Perhaps you found yourself in a similar situation in the past.

That is when he decided to start eating nothing but McDonald’s, a decision that most people would think takes you in a different direction. In his video, he said that it isn’t what you eat that makes a difference. It’s how much you are eating.


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This bizarre diet has a few rules to it. He orders McDonald’s, including water as the beverage. Maginnis then only eats half of the order and eats the other half at the next meal.

Maginnis admits that most people are going to think he’s crazy, but he has to try to prove it to himself. Believe it or not, it sounds reasonable when you stop to think about it.

His first meal was a sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese and a well-done hash brown. He ate half of it and then finished it at lunchtime.

Photo: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

He bought a quarter pounder, big Mac style, and French fries for his second meal. Again, he only ate half of it.

By the time the second day rolled around, he was convinced it was working. After cutting down on his calories, he said he felt the heat in his stomach.

On day three, he had some blood work done to see how his health was affected by his choice of foods. He already had lost 3 pounds on his McDonald’s weight loss journey.


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The majority of the results from his blood work were in the acceptable range. His blood sugar levels, however, were not good.

Maginnis feels this was to be expected, and he thinks the numbers will improve as he continues.

To keep himself accountable, he decided to share his weight loss journey on TikTok. Along the way, his daily diet was documented, and sometimes he even posted more than one daily video.

Amazingly, he had lost 10 pounds by the end of the first week. The weight loss fits his goal to lose weight and get healthier for his family.

On day 10, he was down 12.5 pounds.


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His unusual diet did more than help him lose weight, he also made an appearance on the Today Show. He told the hosts that his diet was absolutely working.

He said: “You have to get to that part of your stomach where you have some heat in your stomach. They call it hunger; I call it my incinerator turning on to burn off all the excess fat.”

This isn’t his first time trying to lose weight. When he was younger, he was a wrestler and boxed for the military.

When they asked if he was talking to doctors about his diet, he said that some cardiologists love it, and others hate it. He said it was similar to those who were commenting on his videos.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY Food

As far as his choice of McDonald’s, it was partially because he was always nicknamed Big Mac. The fast food restaurant isn’t sponsoring him. He just wanted to eat their food.

Considering the success of the Super Size Me documentary from 2004, this weight loss journey has really gotten some attention. It will be interesting to see where it goes.