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As kids, we’re taught never to play with matches. It’s generally a good rule. Fire can be a really volatile element, and things can turn deadly really quickly.

Personally, I’ve never been one to use matches. I was constantly told never to play with matches as a kid.

Photo: YouTube/Reddit Video

When I got older, I accidentally burnt myself using a matchstick to light up a scented candle. Luckily, I discovered the candle lighters which are perfect as I don’t have to strike up a match ever again.

However, there are some people out there who use matches, and there are even others who are capable of doing tricks with their match sticks.

Photo: YouTube/Reddit Video

There is one person, a YouTuber known as Review Singh, who demonstrated a rather unique trick using two match sticks. The trick entails two match sticks and a quarter to achieve a “kiss” effect.

Essentially, when lit, the two match sticks will appear as though they are kissing. The cool effect can be achieved by setting the two sticks side by side, with one of them sitting slighting higher than the other.

Photo: YouTube/Reddit Video

Then, as they burn, their heads will touch as the higher one will curl down as though they’re caught in a long embrace. And with both of them on fire, the sight looks pretty cool.

Check it out in the YouTube clip below:

Of course, when done, it still might be wise to not perform the trick anywhere where something might accidentally catch fire.

Have you ever tried this trick before? Let us know!

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