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Rosie Joyce is known on TikTok for sharing fashion and lifestyle content. She also took a step outside of the norm to show a throwback video of her parents as they swapped outfits on their wedding day.

Rosie knew just how amazing it was for them to do this and after watching the video, she decided to do the same thing with her husband.

Photo: TikTok/@rosiejoyce_

In the caption, she spoke about how they had grown obsessed with the pictures and wondered how they did it. They were trying to re-create the photos and give everyone a surprise on their “wedding recovery day.”

Considering the fact that her husband walked out in front of everybody in a white gown holding a beer wrapped in the koozie, I would say that surprise was the right word for it.

Photo: TikTok/@rosiejoyce_

Rosie did something similar, walking out in her husband’s tuxedo which she wore with a pair of Gucci clogs. She also had a White Claw and a nice pair of earrings.

The commenters absolutely loved what they saw. One of them even spoke about how they were obsessed with the idea.

Many people are now turning to the past in order to look ahead to the future for their wedding day. Our parents often went with something special and unique for their wedding, and we may just incorporate the trend into our own.

Photo: TikTok/@rosiejoyce_

As far as the day that they did it, the wedding recovery day, it is the day after the wedding. Sometimes, the wedding day is so stressful and exhausting that you just need a day to recover.

Although some married couples will take the recovery day on their own to have a little fun, others will host a separate gathering with family and friends. They may even have a drink or two.


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However they decided to celebrate the wedding recovery day, it looks like they had a lot of fun.