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Dave Palazzolo was concerned about security so he installed a camera to keep an eye on his driveway. When any type of motion is detected, the camera begins recording automatically. Palazzolo was continually getting alerts in the evening, which he found annoying.

As it turns out, a kid would ride into his driveway every night on a bike, “just tearing it up on the flat concrete.”

Palazzolo also loves riding, and he rides motorcycles and is even one of the founders of CanyonChasers Motorcycle Adventure, Sport and Touring. When he was no longer annoyed with the notifications, his wife gave him an idea and he loved it.

Photo: YouTube / CanyonChasers

He took some chalk out on to the level driveway one night and started creating a race track for the visitor. It included arrows for both the entrance and the exit. After drawing, he sat back and waited, and before long, he got the usual message. You can watch the compilation of the security camera footage in the following video. After posting it on YouTube, it took off.

When the young rider saw what was in the driveway, it was irresistible. The rain would come and wash the track away but then Palazzolo would go out and come up with a new one. As he was sharing the footage, his team would give him encouragement and ideas. He started to use more of the space in the driveway to design a longer track that even included roadsigns!

“I don’t know who’s having more fun with this,” Palazzolo said in the video, “him or me!”

It wasn’t long before others in the neighborhood started to try the track as well. It included moms with strollers, grown-ups on bicycles, and kids on scooters.

Before long, the original rider was getting more confident, and to watch him in the video shows just how good life can be.