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If you have ever been to Home Depot on a weekday, you have probably seen day workers who are merely looking for a productive way to spend their time.

We appreciate how hard they work and we always hope for them to find gainful employment. This story puts an interesting twist on the usual story, though. When these workers were posted up at a Home Depot, they never could have expected what would happen next.

Photo: TikTok/@juixxe

They were waiting outside, hoping for the best. Can you imagine them having to explain to their wives what they ended up doing with their day?

Jesus Morales is the one that they have to thank for this one. He pulled up to the Home Depot and saw the men in question. He did not want them to do any work for him, however.

Photo: TikTok/@juixxe

Instead, he had a totally different plan in mind for them. Jesus asked the men if they were looking for some work. Of course, they replied in the affirmative. They probably thought that they were about to have a nice day’s work but little did they know, Jesus was not about to put them to work. He wanted them to enjoy the nicer side of life.

After all, we should not have to work around the clock just to survive. We all need a moment to take a breather and have an easy day.

Photo: TikTok/@juixxe

Jesus knows this and he was not about to pull out a list of tasks. Once they got into his vehicle, he let them know that they were not actually going to be working. He did have some tasks for them to complete, though.

Those tasks included going on rides, devouring treats, and having the time of their lives! He was not taking them to work, he was taking them to Disneyland. The only job that they had to do was have a good time. The smiles on their faces say it all, don’t they? We love to see a clip like this because everyone deserves to have a blast.


Their smiles say it all 🥹

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Kudos to Jesus for being so generous with his time and money. A lot of people would have been happy to throw them a few dollars and keep it moving but Jesus gave them the chance to truly enjoy themselves.