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We sometimes hear it said that you should be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it. It seems as if Glenn Jones, who lives in Peterborough, is experiencing that for himself. Fortunately, he is also sharing the hysterical moment the world in a video with the caption “Sorry they missed me!”

At first, you see the parcel card that lets it be known that a package was left under the mat by the driver. When he walks over to the front door and opens it, the doormat is placed on top of a huge box. If this wasn’t funny enough, the story behind it is even funnier.

Photo: TikTok / showbizjones

It seems that Jones was upstairs when the delivery driver pulled up and he couldn’t get down to the door in time. He just opened the window and told the driver to leave whatever it is under the doormat, but he had no idea what he was asking.

The driver was all too happy to oblige.

“Delivery guy still posts the card and does what I’ve told him to do,” Jones writes in the video.

“And that’s what’s really happened.”

This is one of those real-life videos that just seems to appeal to people. It has millions of views and people were commenting about how infectious Jones’laugh is.

One of the comments said: “That is the most discreet place I have ever seen. Hahahaha very funny.”

Although Jones admitted that he did exaggerate a bit in the video, people still seem to love it and they keep coming back for more.


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