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Being out in public and seeing a wedding proposal is one of the cutest things that you are ever going to come across. However, Derrick is using these proposals as a prank and we cannot stop laughing.

This TikTok user, who can be found @derrickisfunny, has been springing them on his wife for years now. He loves to propose to her in public places to see if he can get a rise out of her.

Photo: TikTok/@derricksfunny

We suspect that it is working but she does not seem too upset about it. In case you are curious, the couple has already been happily married for some time now. These proposals are strictly for the fun of it. In this hilarious compilation video, we get to see all of the fake proposals for ourselves.

If you can make it through without laughing, we would be very surprised. It is one of the most inspired pranks that we have ever seen and the fact that he has kept them going this long makes it even funnier.

Photo: TikTok/@derricksfunny

When the video begins, Derrick and Kelly are out to eat with a group of their friends. When he takes her hand and kneels by the chair, it is easy to see what is coming.

“Oh no, not again!” she exclaims, as she does her best to try and free herself from her husband’s grasp. “Kelly, you’re my best friend,” Derrick tells her, while he attempts to hold onto his wife’s hands. “Will you please join me in holy matrimony?” “Stop, stop,” she says. As you might have expected, Derrick has little to no interest in stopping.

Photo: TikTok/@derricksfunny

“Say yes, please!” he implores. “Come on,” she retorts. At least she is doing her best to maintain a sense of humor about the whole thing. Derrick ignores her completely, kissing her hand and letting the entire restaurant know that she said yes. Of course, they all break out into a round of applause.

From there, the video cuts to a totally different day. This time, they are at an amusement park. “You’re my best friend,” he tells her once more. “I can’t live without you. Will you marry me?” he asks.


Ive been fake proposing my wife for years and years, she hates attention and I love it. These are some of those moments. The last video I finally gave her an actual wedding ring. #proposal #marriage #pranks #love #wife #funny #embarassing #tilldeathdousapart #bestfriend

♬ Moments In Love – The Art Of Noise

This is such a solid bit and we loved every second of it. The couple that laughs together, stays together.