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When you have a hobby, it often becomes a way of life to you. You spend as much time as possible taking part in it, and you may structure your life to match it.

Such a lifestyle became evident for a man that lives in Belgaum, Karnataka. Although many people love photography, they might not be willing to take it as far as he did. After all, he made a house that looked like a camera!

All About Belgaum reports that the love Ravi Hongal has for photography started when he was a child. He would take pictures in nearby rural areas but his love for photography didn’t stay hidden.

It wasn’t long before it became an obsession, which is seen in the way that the 49-year-old named his sons Canon, Nikon, and Epson after different types of cameras. He also wrote those names on his house, which just so happens to be shaped like a camera!

It wasn’t long after the home was built that it was making the rounds on twitter.

The house costs the equivalent of about $95,000. It is 3 stories tall and has many remarkable features that were included in the plans. On the outside of the home, you see a lens, a flash, a showreel, a memory card, and a viewfinder. Inside the home, there are different features of cameras seen in the walls and ceilings.

It wasn’t long before people were commenting on the pictures.