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The tiny home trend seems as if it’s here to stay, and many people are coming around to the benefits of simple living. There are also those who take it to the extreme, and I think Paul Elkins fits into that category.

Elkins built a tiny home and put it on wheels. It’s not only tiny, but it’s also extremely tiny. He can even pull it with his bicycle!

Elkins used to be an employee of Boeing but he now creates tiny structures associated with transportation, such as micro boats, teepees, and vehicles that are powered by pedals. Each of his designs are weatherproof, lightweight, and you can take them on the go.

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this guy makes me want to challenge this project! πŸ˜„ look at this airstream style camper, tiny home towed by bicycle. just too cool!! 😍 . . . #bicycle #bicyclecamper #bicycletouring #elkinsdiy #paulelkins

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The tiny home he built is referred to as a micro mobile home and it rides along on 20-inch bicycle wheels. Everything is included in the space, such as a small bed, a tiny kitchen area, insulation, some drawers and shelves, and even a stove and sink! The cost was only $150.

There is a 61-page tutorial available to download for $20. Plans are also available to purchase for DIY boats, teepees, dog houses, and even a cycle cart. According to his website, the tutorial contains everything you need to build one yourself from photos to drawings and written instructions. You will need a conduit blender, some basic hand tools, and a drill.

Kirsten Dirksen is a filmmaker who visited Elkin at his home in Washington. She interviewed him for the Tiny House Design website.

β€œHis work is inspiring because he pushes minimalism to an extreme,” Dirksen wrote. β€œWhile his tiny structures are lightweight, weatherproof, and portable they are also functional and include all the essentials. From a tiny house design perspective, his work serves an extreme example that sets the standard for small and outside-the-box thinking.”

You can check out Elkin’s lifestyle through his YouTube channel and take a virtual tour of his nomad bicycle camper.

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