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Friday lunchtime at school was always an exciting time. It meant that my mom had packed me a Lunchable as a Friday treat. As adults, we probably get nostalgic for the lunchtime classics we enjoyed as kids. But now, they’re getting a pretty sweet twist, all in time for Halloween.

According to a press release, both Kraft Heinz and Frankford Candy are rolling out a new candy based on the classic lunchtime meal – all right in time for candy season to begin.

Photo: flickr/Willis Lam

The Kraft Heinz and Frankford Candy will be featuring both new Gummy Lunchables Cracker Stackers and the Gummy Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza Kit. Finally, our childhood dreams are coming true in that the classic Lunchables will now be available in gummy form!

Each Gummy Lunchable pack will include enough candy to create four fruit-flavored gummy sandwiches and three gummy pizzas, with plenty of gummy pepperoni, gummy ham, gummy Swiss cheese and gummy cheddar cheese to go around.

These new treats will be available across the country at both Five Below stores, as well as online through either Amazon or They will be hitting stores over the next few months. At the moment their suggested retail price is listed at $5, but prices can vary as there is a two-pack option on Amazon for $30, and on Frankford Candy’s website they’re listed at $6.

The Gummy Lunchables aren’t the only new items that are being brought in by the Frankford Candy collection. In fact, they’re following other Kraft Heinz gummies, such as the Kraft Mac & Cheese Gummies, Oscar Mayer Gummy Hot Dogs, and Oscar Mayer Gummy Bacon. Wow, so many gummy choices to chose from!

Like the Lunchables, these other dummies are also available at Five Below stores, or through both and Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase a 40-count package of individually wrapped mini gummy hot dogs at Target, Walgreens, Publix and other retailers nationwide this month – for roughly $7.

Just in time for spooky season, Frankford Candy has a few other candies available like the Dunkin’s iced coffee-flavored jelly beans and skull-shaped hot chocolate bombs.

Adding to the Halloween/autumn theme are Peeps marshmallow ghosts, skulls, pumpkins, and monsters. Additionally, Twix and Snickers both have gone “Ghoulish Green” for the holiday, Skittles Shriekers have been brought back, and General Mills has put out their Monster Mash Fruit Snacks.

What do you think of these new candy gummies? Are you excited to try them? Which was your favorite Lunchable growing up? Let us know!