10 Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Dog

Nope. Don’t give in to that furry little face.

6. Let your dog take the lead

It might feel unfair not to let your pup take the lead now and then, but she isn’t as aware of traffic, hazardous garbage, or other dangers that you’ll be able to spot. Plus, your dog needs to know that you are the boss so she’ll obey you when dangers do come up. Work on leash training and if your dog still darts, use a short leash so you can keep her out of danger.

Photo: Flickr/kayo ya

7. Forget to spay or neuter

Didn’t everyone get Bob Barker’s message? Please, spay or neuter your pet! Responsible breeders might plan a few litters, but no one should let their dog breed accidentally. There aren’t enough homes for the dogs that are in shelters already, and shelter dogs should be prioritized before bringing more (albeit adorable) puppies into the world.

Photo: Flickr/Aidras

8. Share harmful food

It’s tempting to share your snacks with your favorite four-legged pal, and it’s sometimes okay to do so, but not all human foods are safe for dogs! Foods like chocolate, meat on the bone, onions, and garlic can hurt dogs. Be sure to know what foods to avoid before inviting your pup to share your dinner.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Africa Studio

9. Hit your dog

We already know this, right? But even a newspaper swap can damage the bond between you and your dog and lower his self-esteem. Train with positive reinforcement!

Photo: Flickr/Brian Clayton

10. Use the crate for time-outs

Crate training can be an effective strategy for keeping your dog safe and out of trouble, but the crate should always feel like safe haven for your dog, never a punishment. Plus, your dog will not want to get in their crate when they need to if they associate crate time with being in trouble.

Photo: Flickr/Jen

A dog is an unbeatable family companion, so make sure they stay healthy and safe so they can stick with you for years to come!