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Lorde is one of the most incredible talents of our time. She’s an amazing musician, and she’s finally back with new music, an album called Solar Power. If you are anything like us, you cannot wait for this one to drop.

Before we get the new album, we have been treated to all sorts of great Lorde promotional material. This appearance on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones” just might take the cake, though.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you know anything about this show, you would already be cringing. The guests are asked to consume the hottest wings possible while answering equally hot questions.

The reactions that this format produces are worth their weight in gold. Lorde seems like a perfect candidate for this type of show. After all, there is no way that this young lady can possibly put away all of these spicy wings without reacting to them at all, right?

Photo: YouTube/First We Feast

As it turns out, Lorde is quite proficient at consuming spicy wings. In fact, she is so calm during the show, we found ourselves wondering if they had swapped hers out for mild! She is given the chance to bite into a wing that is covered in jalapeno sauce and barely even flinches.

Her comments are absolutely priceless. “Nice flavor. I like it. I like it,” said Lorde. “In the pop star life I feel like you’re not smashing wings very often.” This is not the reaction we would expect from someone eating a wing covered in the hottest sauce possible.

Photo: YouTube/First We Feast

Onion ring lovers are also sure to love all of her takes on what makes for the best ones. She believes that the onion needs to break on its own, instead of falling out of its delicious crusty shell.

“Nothing worse than the threads. You don’t want to get down with that. Makes a mockery of the institution,” she quipped.

Check out the amazing video below:

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