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Most of us have some kind of microwaveable popcorn in our cupboards at any given time. Besides being a great treat for random movie nights, it also makes a quick snack if we don’t have much in our kitchen between grocery store trips. But if you happen to be a frequent buyer of Act II popcorn, then you may have already heard that they’re coming out with a cotton candy-flavored popcorn called Llama Party.

The new snack was announced by Conagara Brands during the 2020 Consumer Analyst Group New York’s conference – held this year in Boca Raton. Since the reveal, different Instagram accounts like @junkfoodmom, @dadbodsnacks, and @snackgator, have all begun posting pictures of Act II’s new Llama Party snack.

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2020 AKA Year of the llama. Coming soon from Con Agra Brands Act ll Llama Party Cotton Candy flavored microwave popcorn aka llamacorn 🤣. Pops up blue to further the fun. The target audience is children but let’s get real here. This is the stuff us foodies live for. Release date has not been stated yet. I’ll be in the popcorn aisle until further notice. #actll #act2 #act2popcorn #act2llamaparty #conagra #conagrafoods #conagrabrands #llama #llamacorn #cottoncandypopcorn #popcorn #popsupblue #cottoncandy #yearofthellama #notjustforkids #junkfood

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The package states that the popcorn comes out tasting just like cotton candy. It looks fun too since the popcorn has a blue hue once it’s all popped. Both the color and the fun new flavor are giving us real party vibes with this vibrant new snack.

While we may be getting quite excited at the prospect of popping this for our next movie night-in, there still isn’t any more information about when we can expect the Act II Llama Party Cotton Candy Popcorn to hit shelves. And it would seem that Llamas are in the spotlight, and have been recently incorporated into the Hostess Llama Cup Cakes, and Kellogg’s Llama Loops.

As for microwaveable popcorn, there seems to be plenty of options out there. While we wait for Act II to get their act together, you can enjoy selections such as dill pickle popcorn, Cheetos popcorn, Oreo popcorn, and Cap’n Crunch berries popcorn – another flavor that is being anxiously awaited. Either way looks like your movie nights at home will be a whole lot more flavorful.

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