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Daniel Thrasher is a musical comedian and of course, you know he had to set his sights on none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Miranda is a very talented musician but let’s face the facts here. He is extremely ripe for parody. It’s not like he isn’t a good sport about these things, either. Many will remember his hilarious turn on Curb Your Enthusiasm, where he was shot in the face by none other than Larry David.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In addition to Thrasher, several other talented performers joined in the parody. They decided to lampoon Miranda in a way that you simply would not expect. If you have ever found yourself wondering what it would be like if Miranda ordered a pizza in the same style as his classic Broadway musical Hamilton.

If you have never seen Hamilton before, this is your chance to finally get familiar. This parody has clearly been written with love and these performers must love the play. After all, you know what they say….imitation is always the sincerest form of flattery.

Photo: YouTube/Daniel Thrasher

These rhymes are so sweet, too. Thrasher put so much time and care into this writing, it is hard to envision a universe where Miranda isn’t dying of laughter watching this.

Daniel even managed to incorporate some slick rhymes about late night deliveries, too. “Look dude you took so long that we closed. It’s past ten o’clock. My heart is palpitating for some pizza on my fork. The only place that delivers this late is in New York…Just you wait,” he says.

Photo: YouTube/Daniel Thrasher

If you have ever been through this yourself, you are sure to relate.

We have all called the pizza delivery joint in our town, only to find out that they are already closed for the night. It’s a harsh reality that we all have to suffer through sometimes, unless you are one of the people who is fortunate enough to reside in a place that has pizza places that are open past ten.

There’s nothing quite like a warm pizza pie during the late night hours. We are getting up there in years, so it is harder to enjoy these things as much as we did when we were younger.