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When we were growing up, our parents always told us not to play with our food. This was good advice, but sometimes we like to play with our food. It seems as if we’re not alone and there’s now a waffle maker designed to turn your waffles into a classic toy: Legos.

The latest waffle invention is the Building Brick Waffle Maker and the only limit when it comes to this toy is your own imagination. What’s better than waffles? Buildable waffles, hands down.

Photo: YouTube / youtube scsdirect

The cooking plates come with studs that are perfectly interlocked, which only adds to the possibilities. You’ll be able to create 14 pieces at a time and your children are sure to love it. Best of all, you get the chance to enjoy a meal once you are done putting it all together!

Photo: YouTube / youtube scsdirect

The project got its start on Kickstarter where they were hoping to raise $7,500. Not only did they raise all that money, but they also surpassed it. As of December 2020, they’d raised $265,645.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first waffle maker of its kind and that’s why so many people raced to invest. These are the opportunities that cannot be allowed to slip away.

Photo: YouTube / youtube scsdirect

No matter how old you may be, we can all relate to the excitement that is associated with such a toy. Even if you are not a kid anymore, it is always fun to play with your food. Please don’t tell our parents about this, though! All jokes aside, it’s a pretty neat device and we’re super excited to try it out for ourselves.

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